Interview with Dr. Angelique Millette

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the wonderful Dr. Angelique Millette, a highly-regarded sleep consultant and family coach here in San Francisco.  Many of the families I’ve worked with and have met in the bay area have raved about Dr. Millette’s incredible help with infant sleep training and support through transitions and other difficult parenting challenges. Dr. Millette is known for her gentle, nurturing approach. She invited me for an interview about speech and language development, which was featured in her Father’s Day newsletter, which can be found here. To learn more about Dr. Millette and her services, visit

School’s Out for Summer!

As end of the school year approaches, summer planning is in full force. For many children, summer break means vacation adventures, sunny (or maybe foggy) beach days, and most likely a major schedule change and break in services.  We are offering summer speech therapy services at a 10% discount for families who sign up for short-term services during the summer break.  If your child will have a lapse in services due to the summer break or if you want to supplement your current program, we can help! We can work off your child’s existing treatment plan or conduct our own assessment at your request.  Irregular schedule? No problem. We will work with you to get your child in around your wonky summer schedule.  Mention this blog post for 10% off services. We also accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO plans, Blue Cross EPO plans, Health Net PPO, Kaiser, and GGRC. We look forward to a fun summer ahead!

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Will My Insurance Pay for Speech Therapy?

Obtaining insurance coverage for your child’s speech/language therapy services can be frustrating and confusing. Dealing with insurance companies first requires learning the lingo: deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, in-network, out-of-network, ICD-9 codes, CPT codes, and the list goes on. What is most confusing for many families is that your plan benefits will almost certainly include speech therapy, yet your child’s speech therapy may not be covered. Nearly every plan includes speech therapy benefits, but there are typically restrictions on what they cover. Billing your insurance carrier is done by submitting codes for both the diagnosis of your child and the procedure. If your child’s diagnostic code is on their list of exclusions, you are out of luck. For instance, some plans only cover “rehabilitative” speech therapy, or therapy to restore lost speech or language skills as in the case of stroke or head injury. Other plans will cover speech therapy only when there is a corresponding medical diagnosis such as autism.  Many plans will not cover developmental delays or non-medical speech or language disorders. New York-based speech-language pathologist, Adrienne Frohlich, has created a great list of questions to ask your insurance carrier: Speech-Therapy and Insurance Coverage-Top 10 Questions to Ask.